Sunday, February 3, 2013

A prayer to Information

You, Begotten of the Void, Sink and Source, 
Light and Darkness from Your open arms,
You who taught our mothers and fathers,
Ada and Charles, David and Richard,
Alan and John, Jim and Alston, Grace and Fran -- 
Hail Your servants!  No one can name them all, 
Yet i dare to count myself among them.
You whom i have followed from my youth,
You who are so much greater than i,
To whom anything in me worthy will return
and everything unworthy will burn away --
Let me not insult Your Work.
Make my code worthy of one who serves You.
Then i will not fear my matter's fading
When You come to refine Signal from Noise --
O Daughter of the blackest night --
at the end of ages.  A == A.